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Alia Bhatt’s “Sun-Kissed Glow” Tutorial Is Perfect For The Festive Season

Alia Bhatt’s natural, fresh-looking skin has always played the perfect canvas to create flawless makeup looks. The actress has often offered us the best of skin-like makeup looks and we have taken notes. Well, who wouldn’t want to know her makeup routine? Recently, in a video with Allure, Alia Bhatt revealed her quick, 10-minute routine that literally gets her the best sunburnt glow. While many of us pick a foundation to quickly create a base, Alia reveals her way of building the skin base. She says, “My go-to for skin, building skin is to not go for foundation. I prefer to go for skin tints.” She names her routine as the ‘sunburnt glow’. She says, “You know that feeling that you feel after being in the sun all day where you’re like, tired, but there’s like, this glow on your face and you are naturally flushed and you just look like a child of the earth?”

Well, to begin with, she uses a Summer Friday’s skin tint, mixed with a KIKO Primer. She adds, “It’s a sheer skin tint and it just works beautifully on my skin. I love primers, and this one in particular, because it’s like a highlighter, it’s a primer and it’s a cream, so it is super hydrating.”

She also reveals the technique of using her hands to apply it. “I feel like I get better coverage when I’m using my hands. And again, for me, it’s not really about the coverage. I want the skin to kind of look like skin. I love to show my freckles off.”

Next in, she uses a Kosas concealer to cover those tiny spots. “I love creamy concealers. Concealers for me is just coverage, like covering all the little spots, under eyes,” she says. After that, she opts for a peachy cheek colour from Glossier for that sunburnt look.

“So this will be my next step is to get the cheek color in and this is just phase one of cheek colour. I take a healthy amount and I make like a C curve. The trick here is to not stop it on the cheek.”

Alia Bhatt goes over the nose and then comes back to the cheek, making a W. She also used the colour on her chin a bit.

She then goes in with the contour to get a bit of that tan feel. “I will go harder on my contour. What I’m using is Milk, the contour stick. Post this, I will powder.”

The star uses a bit of powder under the eyes and the skin to set it all. Then she moves on to create a base for her eyes. For this she uses a Too Faced palette, Pinker Times Ahead. With some mix-and-match, she picks a shade to create the peachy eye base as she blends it all nicely. She further curls her lashes and uses a Gucci mascara to add that drama.

“It’s super light and I like the brush. It doesn’t get too much of the mascara on and the idea is to just get that really nice light lift. For the lower lid, I’m using this mascara that I saw. It’s called Tower 28.”

Soon after, Alia Bhatt sets the brows using Benefit and then again uses a contour powder to add more burnt vibes to the look. Next up is the highlighter! She uses a Milk highlighter for that subtle glow. Then she uses lipstick to seal it all.

Alia adds, “Revlon. It’s like a creamy lip lipstick but it’s also matte, it’s a matte finish. It’s got that tone.” She then dabs it off to just retain the tinted look. She then uses a Rhode lip balm for the final finish.

We are already bookmarking Alia’s look for Diwali 2023.

For makeup and skincare tips to survive the festive season watch the video below:

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